PIERIN, I. ; SILVA, Valdir Pignatta . Distortional buckling resistance of cold-formed steel. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, v. 37, p. 1163-1171, 2015.

The design of cold-formed steel structures is generally ruled by the ultimate buckling limit state. Most cold-formed steel profiles display open and rather thinwalled cross sections, which means that their structural behavior is strongly affected by buckling. On profiles with stiffened sections, such as C, Zee, rack and hat, there is the occurrence of distortional buckling. However, verifying distortional buckling is not trivial. According to the Brazilian standard, knowledge of the critical load that causes distortional buckling is necessary to design cold-formed steel profiles. Nevertheless, the code does not provide a procedure to obtain this critical load. This paper conducts a brief literature review of the distortional buckling mode and, by means of software for linear stability analysis, developed by the authors, presents the resistances associated with the distortional buckling of various cold-formed steel profiles, enabling structural elements design according to the Brazilian standard.

ALMEIDA, Saulo José Castro ; RIGOBELLO, Ronaldo ; MUNAIAR NETO, Jorge ; SILVA, Valdir Pignatta . Thermo-structural analysis of an open section cold formed steel beam in contact with a concrete slab and a masonry wall in fire situation. Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, v. 1, p. 29-42, 2010.