SUAZNABAR, J. S. ; SILVA, V. P. Combined axial and flexural loads in short reinforced concrete columns in fire: ultimate limit state curves using 500 °C isotherm method. REVISTA IBRACON DE ESTRUTURAS E MATERIAIS, v. 11, p. 163-182, 2018.

download: 832-6585-3-PB.pdf .Ultimate limit state curves of short reinforced concrete columns in fire situation are going to be presented in this paper. The authors created a code developed in Matlab. It makes a discretization of the cross sections of the columns and calculates the equilibrium integrals of them. The curves were plotted with the code considering the 500 °C isotherm method.


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CHEREM, Marcello ; SILVA, V.P. . Determination of the ULS, for columns with small dimensions, under biaxial bending and symmetrical fire conditions. REVISTA IBRACON DE ESTRUTURAS E MATERIAIS, v. 10, p. 451-476, 2017.

download: 836-5677-3-PB.pdf .Obtaining internal load capacity, in reinforced concrete sections, at ambient temperature, under biaxial bending, is one of the most common tasks done by structural engineers, but not so common when the member is in fire situation. The intention of this paper is to show that is possible to correlate the ultimate limit state (ULS), in fire situation, with ULS at ambient temperature, for square cross sections under fire from all faces. To reach the purpose and give support to the numerical analysis of this article, a computer program, in Delphi language, called COL FIRE, is being developed by the authors.


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